The Dubolido (the day in Dublin, 16th Dec, 2010)



the royal reception room – the pictures above show the details

16th December, 2010

We finally finished packing at 3:15am, guess what, we had to wake up at 4:45am 😀 what joy. The maximum weight that we can take onto the plane was 22 pounds, we both weighed in at 21.8 pounds on my scale.

4:50am, we scrambled awake, showered and had a quick breakfast of scrambled egg wrap that I just haphazardly threw together while making myself a milkshake.

6:05am managed to make it on time to the bus stop for 6:10am bus, which was late anyway. We gave it a good guess that it would take us approximately half hour to get to the airport, but no….the bus took 45mins <.<

Last chance check in is at 7:25am, we got to the counter at 7:20am. Apparently my weight is slightly wrong, we actually had another pound of leeway  T_T I could have packed another t-shirt!

We both managed to make it to the gate, and seriously, its the first time that I’ve been on a plane where I have no assigned seating, a tad bit interesting have to say. We got delayed, but somehow still managed to arrive in Dublin right at 9:00 am. Paul really must have been extremely tired, while going through customs, there was the mandatory question of ‘why are you here’ Paul gave a rather interesting answer: “I’m here for a hangover, i mean, a layover”, customs guy was humorous enough to reply that with a ‘you’ll probably get that too here’. But i do have to say, its the first time that its taken next to no time getting through customs.

The plane that we just took from Manchester to Dublin

Paul's first pic in Dublin

Green Gaelic writing!

2 hours later, having found the correct bus, and even managing to find our hotel, we decided it was time to venture into town. Our first stop: Archaeology museum. It was amazing! We managed to take a couple of pictures in the museum before getting told off by the security about the no photography rule (oops…), so I won’t show what we have managed to take. I do have to say, I was quite impressed with the layout of the museum, and what they showed. It stuck true to being an archaeological museum, showing only items that archaeologists have managed to dig out, but the most amazing part was how they displayed the bog bodies. For museums, it has always been a pretty heated debate as to how one show display bodies, whether they should show them at all, and if so, what is the proper way. The bog bodies were placed individually within isolated areas for each one, in which to see it, you’ll have to walk spiralling towards the center where the body is placed. There were in total 4 bodies that we can remember, and despite it being relatively eerie to see them, it was for some reason still more acceptable for me than seeing mummies. For the Egpytian mummies, they were placed in a very badly lit room, which was fine with me, as i managed to not pay attention to them bodies, and had a chance to look at the grave goods. Overall, it was a really good exhibition. We were both extremely impressed by the sword moulds.

On our way to the castle, we came across this little gem that completely stopped Paul in his tracks. I originally thought that he was just hungry and decided that he wanted some snack from the convenience store, but after a closer look, i realized what made him so happy.


On the inside

Our next stop was the a tea shop by the name of “Queen of Tart”, they really served great coffee…

After that we headed for the Dublin Castle. We unfortunately had to pay an entrance fee, but, what we didn’t realize was that it came with a highly informative tour.

Paul standing guard at the Dublin Castle


the original declaration for Ireland to be republic


The Celtic symbol on the grass!

We learnt quite a couple of interesting facts:

– the hallway was redecorated by an Italian artist

pretty hallway arch

– female drawing room: during that period, both guys and girls were known to wear white makeup, usually made from lard or lead-based white paint. It was to cover the evidence of small pox scars. Well, within the drawing room, they had fireplaces, and with it there was a mandatory piece, a heat screen, so that if they were too close to the fire, they literally won’t melt. It was from this time that a saying came to live, ‘to save face’, with the screen, they won’t mess up their make=up.

the female drawing room

– the host of the dinner party sits in the middle of the table, where the fireplace, and so was the warmest

the dining room that would fit 40 guests

– we remember Earl du Grey because his family owned a tea plantation, but in fact, he was a Canadian governor-general at one point.

One of the king weighed 22 stones, and was over 6 foot tall. The throne he sat on is still on display.

the chandelier that combines the rose, the thistle and the shamrock

the crown's mirror

Queen Elizabeth the second will be returning to Ireland next summer, to commemorate the centennial celebration since the last king visited Ireland.

– animal and plant representations of England, Ireland and Scotland. Lion, Harp and a Unicorn; rose, shamrock and the thistle

– Dublin – came from the Gaelic word for Black pool (of water)


black and white rules

remains of the castle as shown below tax revenue building

Jen:"Strike a sexy pose dear!", Paul:"wtf", Jen:"What sort of sexy pose is that?!", Paul:"a nonexistent one"

After the castle, we had dinner at the oldest pub in Dublin, established in 1197, and they have just celebrated their 813th Gaelic New Year. Their food was really amazing, Paul had the Irish Stew, it was actually a clear broth. I had boiled cabbage and bacon, tastes way way way better than it sounds, we both paired our food off with a pint of Guiness each. I managed to finish my first pint of dark beer! It really does taste so much better here than in Toronto…We didn’t want to shell out 15 euros each for the Guiness storehouse tour, but, i did learn that James Guiness the founder of this stout signed a 9000 year lease to 45 pounds yearly. You head me right, 9000 years lease.

the awesome pub

my first pint of Guinness

cool pic of candle

Traditional Irish stew

traditional boiled cabbage and bacon

Paul demanded this pic be taken

i think the beer's getting to me...

we're both red in the face!

things were getting more and more blurry as the pint goes down...

I finished!

james joyce plaque

813th New Year's!

So we thought that we can end our awesome day tour in Dublin by searching out the leprechaun museum, but after an hour of failure we had to give up, as we started to through dark alleyways for it.

the night view of Dublin city centre

the plaque on the bridge. Can anyone translate? please?

Anyway, here we are now back in the hotel room, after our half hour long bus ride back from town, completely exhausted, and definitely not looking forward to a 4:00am wake up call for our 6:35am flight to Paris T_T

the remote with no words. This is a thrifty hotel, but, isn't this a tad much?

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